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I'm 68 retired in 02 after 30yrs as a mach operator in a paper mill. licensed airframe an powerplant mech.(A&P).U.S.Air Force 1966-1970. Vietmam 1968-1969. Northrup Univeresity 70-72.
Married 445yrs to the same good lookin women, 2 daughters 2 grandaughters.
Have owened Bass Cats since 1990. Love to fish  out  of our cat. use to fish tour., but due to wife health do not not tour. fish anymore, wife and I try to get out when we can. Love to hook up with other cat owners on Champlain when possible.
Have ownen a 92 Classic,98 PIII, and now an o05 Puma , Love bening part of the Bass Cat Family 

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    Hi Joe - Picked up my boat today and got to meet Nicky.  Nice guy and he asked how I found them.  Let him know you referred me.  He gave it a good going over and it did need some TLC.  The hydralic steering fluid was low, lower unit needed changing badly and probably wasn't done last year.  He also found a mouse had made a nest in the air intake!  He had to take it apart and clean out.  That was a $85 mouse!  Will have to keep an eye on that from now on.  Good news, he plugged it into the computer and the motor only has 91.8 hours on it and that was after I used it all season.  I was told around 100 or maybe less on it when i bought it so I was happy to hear it was well under 100 hours when i got it.  Can't wait to get it out again next year.  Tomorrow I'll blow out the live well lines, empty equipment out, remove batteries etc. to get it ready for winter.  It will be outside so have to make sure I got all the water out of it and i usually put some anti-freeze (pink) in the wells too.

    Anyway, thanks again for letting me know about All Wave.  Nicky said he sent your prop out for custom work and you picked up like 3 mph after you had it tweaked.  I'm getting 71.5 now and that is with a mouse next in the intake.  Should be faster now but good to know a tweaked prop could help too if I wanted more speed.  Not sure I do though.  Low 70's seems fast enough.

    Take care,


    Reply from Joe Compitello:

    Glad you enjoyed your experience  with All Waves.  if you are going to store your boat outside I  put dryer  sheets (fabric  softener) in the compartments and on the deck to try and help keep rodents out not perfect but does help.  at least I havn't had problems. Also what I do in the spring is try and take as much of the old gas out and put into my cars, and put fresh gas and additives  in . this just my preference
    Think Spring  Just a little tidbits I do.
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    Hi Joe - Just wanted to let you know I took your recommendation and dropped the boat off at All Wave to have the boat winterized earlier this week.  Price very reasonable and Nick has a nice shop (clean and organized, always a good sign).  Look forward to having a long term relationship with them.  Thanks for the recommendation.

    Did you get out much this year or did you sell your cat?



    Reply from Joe Compitello:

    Glad you enjoyed your cat, it's goning to get better. All waves has treated me well and fair. Some people do not like All Waves because he does not sugar coat things he tells it like it is. Did not sell the cat yet still for sale, hope it will sell next year but is put to bed for the winter. Got to fish some all was on Champlain out of Ti. or South Bay. Looked for you a few times as we fished the ledge just south of marker 39. I only put about 10hrs on the motor this year, it only has about 135 hrs on it not much for a 05. still this will stiil run. Fishing on Champlain this year was way off and don't know the reason, other than did not put a lot of time in due to wife medical issues as she can only do about 4 hr, when we use to put 8-12hrs a day. We did have A good spring. May be we will meet next year some wear along the way.  Stay in touch.

    Joe compitello
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    Hi Joe - Beautiful boat.  Little more then I was looking to spend but I might reconsider.  One question, and it may seem like a strange one but I've looked at a couple BC with Mercury and both have had replaced powerheads from blown heads.  One was still under warrentee but still I get nervous when I hear that.  So my question is, have you had to replace the power head or had major work on the motor or not?.  How firm is that price?  I might take a ride up, I grew up up that way.  Used to work in the Queensbury Plaza Grand Union when I was a kid. 

    While your boat is a little more then I was looking for, I know I would never out grow it!  I fish southern Champlain but not tournaments and more often then not fish alone.  Not sure about launching something that long on my own.  I'm getting old (53).

    Thanks, Brian
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    Reply from Joe Compitello:

    You asked about the motor,never had powehead issue. this motor only has 128hrs on it.the only issue was merc had a bad batch of bolts on compresor,merc replaced comp and all plugs.replaced lower unit due to broken skeg. replaced all gears just to be on safe side. All work and maint. wintersation has bee done by Nicky Curto at All Waves Marine Ph# 518-792-5897. I have always  used  merc oil,merc quickclean,and stabil ethanol treatment.
    As for launching this boat ,this boat will launch as easy as any 18'or 19' boat even for me an old (62) ha .We fish S. end of Champlain S. Bay-Ti. Do not fish T. any more.
    If you have any more ouestions please feel free to call 518-793-1178 or email me